Where do you deliver in Korea?

Sprout Korea delivers healthy fresh meals everywhere in Korea (in an ice box with ice packs), including Jeju Island. The shipping is serviced by the Logen postal company every Tuesday (Wednesday for Jeju).

Does Sprout deliver to military bases in Korea?

Korea post is unable to deliver on military bases however we do have some options:

Yongsan Base – We can deliver your package to one of the gates on Sunday and Monday   (afternoon/evening)
Pyeongtaek Camp Humphreys/Osan Base – Pickup at the Wolfhound Irish Pub*** near Humphreys Walk-In Gate, every Tuesday 7-9pm
– You can use any off-base address and receive your package via Nationwide Postal Service

***Wolfhound Irish Pub address
Kor: 경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정리 113-81
Eng: 113-81 Anjeong-ri, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Google Maps: https://g.page/WolfhoundHumphreys?share

What is group delivery?

Offices, schools, or groups of friends and families can take advantage of Sprout’s Group Delivery service. We will deliver your orders via express courier on Mondays to a single location. (only Seoul and some areas in Gyeonggi-do)

The group delivery fee is free if there are 4 or more people in the group with the same address.

Our Meals

How do I cook Sprout Food?

Sprout Korea foods are ready to eat. You can heat it up with a microwave or a stove. Occasionally we have some items that need to be fried on a hot pan (Jalapeño Fritters mix, Falafel Mix etc.).

How long can Sprout Meals stay in the fridge?

Sprout Korea foods can remain in the fridge for 5-6 days. You can freeze Sprout meals for up to 3 months. Salad Bowls are best eaten for up to 4 days.

Are Sprout Meals shipped frozen?

Most of the healthy meals from Sprout are not frozen prior to being delivered. There are a few exceptions like the Veggie Fajita Burrito and Lasagna that are frozen.

Some desserts are shipped frozen too. If you receive Postal Delivery these desserts will experience some melting. They can be re-frozen when you receive your order. They will still taste great but will not look as nice as when they left our kitchen.

Extra FAQs

What is the difference between Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant Based diets?

A vegetarian excludes meat, poultry, and seafood from their diet. Some vegetarians also exclude eggs and dairy. Vegans avoid meat, poultry, and seafood, and they also eliminate all animal products from their diet including any milk and eggs (and even honey).

A plant based diet consists of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and natural healthy oils. Processed foods are avoided including refined grains.


Is Sprout food healthy?

Sprout Korea focuses on using natural whole food ingredients. We do not use any refined white sugar, white flour or white rice. Sprout uses healthy options such as olive and coconut oil as well as cane sugar, pure maple syrup and agave syrup.

Is Sprout Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?

Yes. All food made at Sprout Korea is vegan. Ingredients are plant based.

Is Sprout Halal?

Most of the food from Sprout would be considered Halal (the only exception is some desserts that contain alcohol which is always mentioned in the description).

Will I lose weight by eating Sprout?

Some people experience weight loss by switching to eating Sprout daily, especially if their previous diet was particularly unhealthy. If you are interested in losing weight we recommend avoiding the desserts or eating them in small portions as desserts are high calorie.

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