Needless to say how important it is to be sustainable and environmentally conscious for us as a business and for you as a customer. Especially in Korea, which is the world’s leader in plastic consumption per capita! We decided to strengthen our SPROUT REUSE PROGRAM that we have been doing for years in order to reduce plastic waste and do our part in saving the planet! 

The program allows our customers to return containers, bottles, ice packs and reusable ice boxes absolutely for free. We will come right to your doors to pick it up (every Thursday/Friday).

If you want to join the program, please follow these simple rules:

– All containers, bottles, ice packs and boxes have to be SPROUT’s containers, bottles, ice packs and boxes

– All containers and bottles have to be PROPERLY washed and NOT damaged (so we can reuse them)

– Please, apply for our pickup service ONLY when you have enough to fully fill one of the Sprout’s boxes. DO NOT return empty or half empty boxes 🙁

– Please, apply for our pickup service ONLY via email – service@sprout-korea.com (BEFORE 2pm on Wednesday if you want your box to be picked up on Thursday/Friday)

– You can also send everything back with our bike/truck courier when you receive your orders (available ONLY for bike and group deliveries)

– You can always bring containers, bottles and ice packs to our shop located in Itaewon (용산구 회나무로13길 36 Seoul, South Korea 04344) – that would be MUCH APPRECIATED 🙂

Thank you for cooperation!


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