"BEEF" Bourguignon With Rosemary Garlic MashFrench “beef” stew slow cooked with vegan red wine, served with garlic mash.8,000
Chickpea Noodle SoupPerfect comfort food at its finest with hearthy spices, carrots and celery!8,000
Coconut Curry With Mushrooms and Kidney Beans8,000
Mexican LasagnaIncredibly delicious Mexican lasagna – healthy, satisfying, juicy and packed with flavor!11,000
Pasta Primavera with Creamy Garlic Cashew Sauce8,000
Tofu "CHORIZO" and Potato TacosPerfect combo of savory “meaty” chorizo and crispy potatoes wrapped in a tortilla and topped with …8,000
Tofu "CHORIZO" and Potato Tacos-Extra 2 TortillasExtra 2 Tortillas1,000
Vegetable Paella (Spanish Saffron Rice)Hearty, aromatic and full of addictive flavors!8,000
Veggie Fajita BurritoTender and flavorful fajita burrito full of plant-based protein, fiber and vitamins to keep you …8,000

"CHICKEN" Caesar Salad Wrap8,000
"CHICKEN" Caesar Salad Wrap-Extra SauceExtra Sauce-Caesar Dressing1,000
Jamaican Jerk Tofu Caribbean BowlRed beans and veggies are layered with sweet and spicy jerk tofu and pineapple chunks …8,000
Jamaican Jerk Tofu Caribbean Bowl-Extra SauceExtra Sauce1,000
Nicoise Salad (French Salad with "TUNA")8,000
Nicoise Salad (French Salad with "TUNA")-Extra SauceExtra Sauce-Shallot Vinaigrette1,000
Chili Lime Garlic EdamameSimple high-fiber and low-calorie snack (PRO, FBR, VITA, MN, GLUTEN FREE)5,000
Crunchy Blueberry Energy BarInspired by Korean traditional snack Gangjeong. This bar is light, nutritious with nice crunchy texture …5,000
Garlic HummusInsanely delicious and great for veggie dipping, makes for quite a tasty snack! (PRO, FBR, …5,000
Nacho CheeseHealthier, non-dairy version of your favorite appetizer (FBR, VITA)5,000
Orange Cardamom Energy Bites5,000
Peanut Butter Protein Bar with Chocolate ChipsPerfect to snack on – healthy, extra-filling, protein-rich, incredibly flavorful, and gluten free! (PRO, FBR, …5,000
Peanut Butter Protein Bar with Cranberries and PrunesPerfect to snack on – healthy, extra-filling, protein-rich, incredibly flavorful, and gluten free! (PRO, FBR, …5,000
Peanut Butter Protein Bar with RaisinsPerfect to snack on – healthy, extra-filling, protein-rich, incredibly flavorful, and gluten free! (PRO, FBR, …5,000
Potato Salad MixThis classic Vegan Potato Salad is a crowd-pleasing favorite with tender potatoes and perfectly seasoned …5,000
Trail MixMixture of raw nuts, seeds, raisins and chocolate chips (PRO, VITA, MN, GLUTEN FREE)5,000
Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream CheeseThis delicious carrot cake is dense, sweet, and moist, just like a good vegan carrot …6,000
Chocolate Addict Double Chocolate Chip CookiesFudgy, gooey, soft, and chewy! Loaded with rich chocolate flavor (Pack of 3)6,000
Mixed CookiesA pack of three different cookies!6,000 5,000
Mugwort Cookies and Macadamia6,000
No-Bake Cookie Dough BarA simple and delicious no-bake treat to satisfy any sweet tooth!6,000
Passionfruit SliceTransport yourself to your ultimate tropical island with every single bite!6,000
Peppermint Mocha CakeMoist, rich, and deliciously chocolatey cake topped with creamy peppermint frosting!6,000
Salted Caramel Pretzel BrownieOnce you take your first bite, you will wonder how you lived without this deliciousness …6,000
Soft Baked Unicorn CookiesVegan whole wheat flour sugar cookies with colored sprinkles! (Pack of 3)6,000
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast BowlHigh-fiber, nutrient-rich and increases energy (FBR, VITA, NRG, GLUTEN FREE)5,000
Chocolate Coconut Breakfast BowlNutritious and delicious – you’ll truly be treating yourself as you eat healthy!5,000
GranolaA delicious, naturally sweetened, protein-rich breakfast or snack! (GLUTEN FREE)5,000
Mixed Veggie Breakfast SkilletSavory breakfast stir-fry that is pre-cooked and ready to heat and eat! (FBR, VITA, PRO)5,000
Mugwort Breakfast Banana Bread5,000
Mugwort Chia Pudding with Rice Cake5,000
Protein Sticky Toffee Oat BowlProtein packed toffee oat bowl, can be either heated or soaked (PRO, A-OXI, CNCR, GLUTEN …5,000
Sesame Ginger Tofu Breakfast Stir FryFlavorful tofu and veggie stir fry. The tofu is loaded with the sesame-ginger flavor and …5,000
*Ginger Turmeric Detox LemonadeLight and refreshing detox drink5,000 4,500
*Green SmoothieDelicious and nutricious green smoothie5,500
*Miracle JuiceFamous ABC (Apple-Beet-Carrot) drink! Considered as cancer fighting, detox drink that strengthens immune system and …5,500
*Moringa Mint Iced TeaA refreshing and beneficial drink reflecting a sweet combination of mint and moringa.5,000 4,500
*Pink Grapefruit Detox Drink (Weight Loss)Refreshing metabolism boosting drink: unique flavor, full of vitamin C and antioxidants, low in calories5,500
100% Pure Almond Butter100% pure house made almond butter8,000
100% Pure Peanut Butter100% pure house made peanut butter5,000
Beyond Meat SausageFrom grill to griddle to frying pan, plant-based sausage stuffed with the delicious flavor and …18,000
Crudités – Mixed chopped veggiesGreat with our Garlic Hummus and Weekly Special Dips!4,000
Extra-Buffalo SauceThe more, the better!1,000
Extra-Burger SauceThe more, the better!1,000
Extra-Caesar DressingThe more, the better!1,000
Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread13 Inch8,000
UNLIMEAT Burger PattiesPlant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free!10,000
VIOLIFE Vegan CheeseMozzarella flavor, 200g block (FREE from dairy, soya, gluten, lactose, nuts, preservatives)13,800
Whole Wheat Vegan Bun from Baker’s TableMake your perfect vegan burger with our whole wheat buns and Unlimeat Burger patties!1,500
Whole Wheat Vegan Pita Bread from Baker’s TablePerfectly goes with our Garlic Hummus and French Onion Dip2,000
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